Professional but friendly

A friendly team of legal professionals, ready to guide you and talk to you in a way you understand.

Thank you Lenoma Legal...Now I don't have to worry about legal documents.
I was extremely happy and grateful with your service...Thank you so much.
All Devices
Smooth quality, face to face video call consultations on your phone, tablet or laptop.
No App Needed
No need to download a new app. You will receive a link, click it and start video call.
Flexible Pricing
Choose between 30 minute or 60 minute calls for virtual, on demand lawyer appointments.
We stand with small businesses
As a small business that started with limited resources, we understand your challenges and we have vowed to build our services with SMEs in mind.
We will find innovative ways to give small businesses access to affordable, professional legal services and help them comply, this is our promise.